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 NOU!!!! Homm3 WT version

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MesajSubiect: NOU!!!! Homm3 WT version   Joi Sept 22, 2011 11:34 am

Poate putini cunosc ultima inbunatatire sa zic a Homm3 ului ... mai exact WT World Turnament creat de rusi. Versiunea World Turnament reprezinta un joc cu totul NOU pentru jucatorii de SOD,Complete.Foarte multe schimbari in joc cat si adaugari cu totul noi
Va dau numai cateva exemple din ce am gasit :
-Necromacy Banat
-cunflux nu mai genereaza 4 pasari
-creaturile primesc experienta..
-Eroii vor forma clase in functie de skiluri
Classes list:

1) Warrior - Armored + Offense + Archery + Resistance
Bonus: +1 to Attack/Defense (+3, if all secondary skills are equal or above then Advanced; +6 if all of them are Expert)
2) Sage - Wisdom + Intelligence + Scholar + Sorcery
Bonus: +(1, 3, 6) to Knowledge/Spell_Power
3) Explorer - Scouting + Navigation
Bonus: +(200, 400, 600) Movement Points on land and sea; if your hero is Terraformer then movepoints consumption for teerraforming is (100, 50, 0);
4) Speedy - Pathfinding + Scouting
Bonus: initial movement amount calculating is based on (0.5*MaxS + 0.5*MinS, 0.75*MaxS + 0.25*MinS, MaxS), where MinS – the slowest monster speed, а MaxS – the speediest one
5) Sniper - Archery + Ballistics
Bonus: + (10, 20, 30)% to ranged attacks damage
Ballista is also affected. The bonus isn’t counted when aiming enemy stack. Damage addition is logged to the Battle Log by separate line
6) Marauder - Estates + (Leadership_or_Necromancy)
Bonus: player gets some gold after each victorious battle. The sum is equal to (25, 50, 100)% of experience gained after the battle.
7) Healer - Wisdom + First Aid + Mysticism+ 7th level (works only after hero gains 7th level)
Bonus: hero gets spells (Cure, Animate Dead, Resurrect) if he has spellbook and if these spells aren’t disabled
Cool Merchant - First Aid + Estates
Bonus: hero has ability to purchase mana (once a day!) – not more than (5, 10, 20)% from total mana capacity. The price is 100 gold per spell point. Also he can purchase movement points (once a day too), not more than (200, 400, 600) MPs. The price is 2.5 gold per MP d)
9) Governor - Diplomacy + Leadership + Luck + 7th level
Bonus: player’s income is increased by (10, 20, 30)% (this bonus cumulates with other income bonuses). Also all players’ towns increase creatures growth rates. Growth rate is increased for creatures which levels are not above than (2, 4, 6). The addition is 10 for 1st level creatures, 6 for 2nd level ones, 4 for 3rd, 3 for 4th, 2 for 5th, 1 for 6th. If one has several Governors then all bonuses calculating will be based on the hero with the highest Governor level. Look also at 3.9
10) Leprechaun - Estates + Luck
Bonus: player gets +(1, 2, 3) random resources (including gold) per day
11) Terraformer - Pathfinding + Ballistics
Bonus: hero gets ability to change territory type (all except rocks and water). Basic level of this class gives ability to change territory to the native (for the hero) type or to sand. At advanced level hero can change territory to any type (except rocks and water). Expert Terraformer can change not only the cell he occupied but all adjacent cells (or 3 cells in a row – by player’s choice). The price is 500 gold d) and 150 movement points (look Explorer class) per transformation
12) Artificer - Eagle Eye + Luck + 7th level
Bonus: hero can transform an artifact to another one of the same level or lower. Target item level may not exceed (Treasure, Minor, Major). Origin artifact is any except those which give a spell to owner (Tome of any Magic, Sea Captain Hat, Admiral’s Hat, Spellbinder’s Hat, Armageddon Blade), it must be equipped on the hero (not in backpack). Target item cannot be part of a combined artifacts, disabled artifact or Spirit of Oppression, Hourglass of Evil Hour and Sphere of Permanence. Price of this operation is equal target artifact cost.

http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=32861 sectiunea download

Ma rog si multe alte kestiii le gasiti aici in documentatie


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NOU!!!! Homm3 WT version
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